Express Facial 30 mins £35.00

The perfect introduction to MONU Skincare products and our advanced facial treatments, experience the powerful benefits of MONU skincare in this 30 minute treatment. In this revitalising mini treatment, skin is deeply cleansed and exfoliated prior to an application of a mask and massage.

Aromatic Facial 60 mins £52.00

This signature MONU Facial includes a soothing massage to the face, neck and shoulders. MONU products are individually selected to suit the client & skin. Mask therapy and exfoliation are combined to promote skin radiance. Experience the truly incredible results MONU has to offer.

Hydra-Lift Collagen Facial Treatment 60 mins £60.00

The focus for this intensive repairing treatment is the application of a 99% Collagen Veil which delivers a burst of moisture whilst plumping fine lines and wrinkles. This facial hydrates and replenishes vital moisture levels to rediscover that youthful look. Perfect for dehydrated and sun
damaged skin. This treatment will leave the skin youthful and enlivened with an even appearance.

MONU+ Resurface and Peel System 45 mins £52.00

Using a complex blend of Glycolic, Salicylic and Fruit Acids to eliminate dead cells, resurface and exfoliate, smooth and refine. Sodium bicarbonate to deep cleanse, purify and clear congested pores whilst helping to reduce irritation and Vitamin C which is a potent anti-oxidant, helps to correct skin tone, brighten and clear a dull complexion whilst revitalising and increase radiance. Peels although good for mature skin, are also a welcome treatment for anyone suffering with blocked pores, breakouts, acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture and to generally increase overall skin health and radiance.


Intense Lift Anti-aging Facial Treatment 75 mins £72.00

The ultimate relaxing and high performance treatment. This signature facial commences with the relaxation touch, a warming and comforting beginning to the RENU Lift which offers all the relaxing benefits associated with the tried and trusted MONU Skincare treatment protocols, with the added benefit of new anti-ageing formulations found in the RENU skincare range. For dry, sensitive or dehydrated skin a deeply nourishing treatment mask is applied which provides 100% natural
nutrients and proteins which have soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients. For slack or devitalized skin a seaweed based mask is used to lift and relax the epidermis using minerals and trace elements.


Monu Spa



Luxury Thermal Back Treatment 45 mins £50.00

A facial for the back! This treatment is great for anyone who wants to treat the back, an area that often gets forgotten about and difficult to reach. This back treatment aids in the ultimate of relaxation including a Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, whilst also dealing with congestion, oiliness and tension in the back area. Skin is deep cleansed and exfoliated followed by the application of a hot aromatic compress to help relax the muscles.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to help alleviate stress, tense muscles and can uplift your mood or help you feel deeply relaxed.

Shoulder, Neck, Face & Scalp Massage 20 mins £24.00
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 20/30 mins £24.00 / £34.00
Back, Neck, Shoulder, Face & Scalp Massage 45 mins £45.00
Full Body Massage 70 mins £66.00

Hot Stones

Stone Therapy, working with warm stones and using various massage techniques, relaxes the body to its deepest level, creating harmony and a positive energy flow. The powerful energies of basalt stone massage are known to promote a harmonizing and cleansing effect, thus allowing for a meditative state of quietude and calm. A combination of hot stones and manual hand massage is carried out for optimum results.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 30 mins £38.00
Full Body Massage 75 mins £70.00

Lava Shells

The Lava Shells Rescue Massage is an ingenuous combination of heat and ice therapy making for an effective deep tissue massage. Manual massage along with the use with hot and cold shells are used to target specific problems areas, address issues of referred pain and reduce muscle tension through the targeting of muscular trigger points.

Lava Shells Rescue Back Massage 30 mins £38.00

A phenomenal massage for treating tension and referred pain in the back. Deep tissue massage techniques work in harmony with warm Lava Shells to relax muscles and cool Glacial Shells to reduce inflammation, effectively releasing tight, tense muscles. Your treatment will be tailored to suit your individual needs and
will leave you feeling invigorated, muscles will be relaxed and aches and pains will be significantly reduced.
Good for: Specific/deep muscle pain and stiff neck.

Lava Shells Rescue Full Body Massage 75 mins £70.00

The Rescue massage is an ingenious combination of deep tissue massage with warm Lava Shells to relax muscles and cool Glacial Shells to reduce inflammation. This is the perfect choice for treating all fitness related aches and pains. The specialised deep tissue massage techniques target trigger points in muscles
which are responsible for tension and referred pain. and leave you feeling invigorated, muscles will be relaxed and aches and pains will be significantly reduced.
Good for: Specific/deep muscle pain, stiff neck, sports injury/over stretched muscles, someone in need of ‘rescuing’.


Holistic Therapies
Indian Head Massage 30 mins £32.00


St. Tropez
Original Airbrush Tanning    

Application is quick, safe and easy giving a perfect ‘streakless’, natural looking tan. St Tropez Dark Self Tan range is designed to provide the darkest, most intense colour yet. An 8 hour development time is recommended.

Classic Bronzing Mist 30 mins £26.00
Dark Bronzing Mist 30 mins £26.00
Express Airbrush Tanning    

This mist contains ingredients that accelerate the absorption of the tanning materials into the skin meaning you can remove your guide colour after as little as one hour.

For a light, sunkissed glow – shower after 1 hour.

For a golden-bronze tan – leave on for 2 hours.

For a deeper result – wait 3 hours or more.

Express Bronzing Mist 30 mins £26.00



File & Repaint Hands/Toes £18.00
Mini Manicure 30 mins £22.00

Using OPI Replenishing Products concentrating on the areas in most need of attention.

Mini Pedicure 30 mins £26.00

Using OPI Replenishing Products concentrating on the areas in most need of attention.

Luxury Manicure 60 mins £30.00

Using OPI Rejuvenating or Replenishing Products. Includes scrub, file, cuticle moulding, arm and hand massage & varnish. Plus an additional option of heated mitts.

Luxury Pedicure 60 mins £37.50

Includes scrub, footbath, file, exfoliation, hard skin removal, cuticle moulding, lower leg and foot massage & varnish.

French Manicure or Shatter Finish additional £3.00

Infinite Shine

High definition gel shine without the light. Looks like gel but applies like a lacquer.

Shine lasts up to 10 days with a soak free removal.

Infinite Shine Manicures   additional £2.50
Infinite Shine Pedicures   additional £1.50


GelColor by OPI is a new, fast polish-on gel formula! Using OPI’s shine-intense shades it dries instantly, cures in 30 seconds, is non-damaging and can last for weeks! GelColor by OPI redefines salon gel services with durable, glossy colour.

GelColor Hands 60 mins £35.00

Includes file, cuticle moulding and OPI GelColor application.

GelColor Removal with Oil Treatment*   £10.00

* Price reduced to £5.00 if combined with reapplication of GelColor. Removal of existing gel nails (non-OPI) may be subject to an additional charge.


Eyelash Tint   £16.50
Eyebrow Tint   £10.00
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint   £25.00
Eyebrow Tint & Shape   £19.00
Eyelash Lift   £40.00
Eyelash Lift & Tint   £45.00
Eyelash Tint & Eyebrow Shape   £25.50


Half Leg   £19.00
Full Leg   £29.00
Full Leg & Bikini   £38.50
Full Leg & High Bikini   £40.00
Bikini   £15.00
High Bikini (G-string)   £18.00
Underarm   £10.00
Forearm   £16.00
Full arm   £20.00
Lip or Chin   £8.50
Lip & Chin   £15.00
Chest   £22.00
Back   £22.00
Extended Back   £25.00
Eyebrows   £10.00


Many of our treatments listed in the brochure are suitable for men but we particularly recommend the following

Vitru Complete Male Facial 60 mins £52.00

An advanced male treatment using high performance products focuses on relieving tension in the muscles of the shoulders and upper arms. Pressure point facial massage will help decongest and re-energise tired skin.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 30 mins £34.00
Back, Neck, Shoulder, Face & Scalp Massage 45 mins £45.00
Full Body Massage 70 mins £66.00
Chest Wax   £22.00
Back Wax   £22.00
Extended Back Wax   £25.00


Perfect Pampering 90 mins £78.00

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage and Aromatic Facial.

Mum To Be 120 mins £98.00

Express Facial, Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage and Pedicure.

Looking Good 180 mins £112.00

Aromatic Facial, Manicure and Pedicure.

Prom Package 75 mins £62.00

St Tropez Ultimate Airbrush Tan, File & Paint Hands & Toes with OPI Infinite Shine & Eyebrow Tidy.